AADC Prescription Refill Center
AADC Prescription Refill Center
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Why Choose us?

Our in-house pharmacy

We know that when it comes to ordering your pet's prescription medications, there are a lot of options - especially online.  So why choose our AADC Prescription Refill Center?  Because we know your pet the best, and make it ordering convenient, too.  Our online prescription refill center is exclusive to our clients and all medications are filled by our own team members, in our own clinic.  Rather than sending your request to a large warehouse, grocery store, or call center where nobody knows you personally, our team has already built a relationship with you and your pet.  It's our technicians that fill your pet's medications.  We have access to your pet's records and history readily available to us, along with Dr. Campbell's expertise.  We fill your pet's medication in our clinic pharmacy, then ship directly to you from our front office.  Everything happens in the same location you bring your pet for care.  Additionally, when you purchase from us directly, you are supporting a local Colorado Springs small business.

Lastly, we know and understand the monthly costs of maintaining your pets condition and we are here to help. We price shop our medications quarterly and compare with online and big box retailers. We have no doubt that we are competitive in pricing, yet excel in the customer service experience. We appreciate you choosing us!